Pia ErixonPia Erixon has always an eye for the extra special things, items that have a history of a life in decadence and joix de vivre.

That is why in 1982, Pia Erixon opened Déjà Vu Stockholm second hand, one of Stockholm’s first vintage boutiques. Inspired by the history of objects and in particular fashion and accessories Pia wanted to let everyone else more than her family get a glimpse of her selective findings. It was heaven for treasure hunters seeking for those special things like silky 4Ds dresses, laces & bloomers.

Years past and many trips were made all around the world. But there was one place in particular that became special for Pia. So 1998, RAJA launched, and interior concept store, created by two good friends with a love for Indian creations. Here you could find everything with a touch of the ancient Asian life and inspirations and the store became a success amongst the people in Stockholm as the “must” destination for the interior shopping.

The demand grew and the people wanted the RAJA due to start decoration their homes with their findings of furniture and objects so it was a natural step to take the concept further into styling as well.

Styling for all kinds of people, magazine articles & settings Pia always hunted for the most beautiful things to include in her creative work. A love for all old objects not only Indian she kept a lot of it for herself and friends. More travels became more things but no space to enjoy them within.

So one day Pia decided to revive one project and today Déjà Vu Stockholm has opened it doors again, this time the boutique is filled with not only fashion and accessories but also antiques and curiosities collected from a life of travels & treasure hunting around the world.

Welcome in and get inspired by a world full of old and new unique objects and rarities!

Pia is also a renowned interior stylist and work on assignments, so if you need advice or just help to find the right objects for your home or any space, Pia would be glad to consult.

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